Ari Eisinger's Guitar Lessons

Ari Eisinger is an experienced teacher of fingerpicking and early blues styles.

For most people, the best way to learn to play the guitar styles of the early blues players is to take private lessons. The early blues records contain some very difficult guitar styles which are difficult for most people to master on their own.

Ari Eisinger gives private lessons in two different ways: in person and over the phone. Clearly, lessons in person are better. However, not everyone who is interested in playing the early blues styles lives near someone who teaches these styles. For these people, their alternatives are lessons in books, on videotape or on audio tape, lessons on CD-ROM, lessons on the internet, and lessons by phone. Of these, the best alternative for the intermediate or advanced student is usually lessons by phone. This is because even over the phone the teacher can give the student something that the other media generally don't provide: feedback.

Ari spends alot of time in lessons both over the phone and in person listening to what the student has been working on and showing the student what has been done correctly and what needs to be done differently, and how. For most people, this feedback is essential to learning to play the music well.

Click here for a review of Ari's telephone lessons by one of his telephone students.

For more information about lessons in person (Philadelphia area) or over the phone (anywhere), contact Ari Eisinger:

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