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I've been playing guitar for years, but my right hand technique has always been pretty much pick-oriented. Blues, rock & roll--the usual stuff. I stumbled onto Ari's website in the most improbable way, and when I saw that he offered guitar lessons over the phone, I was skeptical; another questionable Internet offering, I thought. But, having failed to learn fingerpicking by my own hit and miss method, I decided to give Ari a call, and after talking with him, I decided to give his lessons a try.

Now, some months later, I have actually learned three Mississippi John Hurt tunes, and a right hand picking technique which has always seemed impossible is finally coming into focus for me. Of course, I'm motivated to learn, which is a large part of the process, but Ari's help is invaluable. I've plowed through enough tab books to know that, for me at least, they don't work. You need a human to talk to; you need feedback on what you are playing compared to what the tab says. Ari provides that feedback. He knows this music far better than anyone I've run into around here, and he has the ability to pass his knowledge along to you. Last night I was listening to John Hurt's version of the song Ari had sent me tab for, and then a couple hous later, on the phone, it was like being able to reach back to 1928, and ask John Hurt how he played it.

Ari has really good ears. When I play the piece to him over the phone, he can identify the most subtle phrases that I'm not playing quite right, and then help me figure out how to do it right. He'll listen to me, tell me what I am doing, then tell me what I should be doing. Then he'll play it for me the right way at various speeds, until I get it.

So, for me, guitar lessons over the phone really do work. It may sound strange, but if you're into ragtime and blues, and are motivated to learn, Ari can help you play some stuff you never thought you were capable of playing. Give it a try--it's working for me.

--G. Smith

For more information about lessons in person (Philadelphia area) or over the phone (anywhere), contact Ari Eisinger:

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